Wednesday, 21 September 2011


Since the bankruptcy of 'socialism/communism in action' represented by the Soviet model following the break-up leading to the demise of the Soviet Union and the radical change in the rest of the Eastern European bloc in the early 1990's, people (especially those found themselves in the confinement of the world's few remaining 'communist states', namely P.R. China, P.R.D. Korea, Cuba, Laos and Vietnam) have tended to turn to the West for a model for their societies. People think that capitalism since its birth has evolved substantially to represent freedom, democracy and opportunities for wealth for everyone. Freedom and democracy, well, people in the capitalist world can claim to enjoy greater freedom and democracy, yet, opportunities for wealth for everyone is the issue being questioned in the documentary Capitalism: A Love Story recently presented in HBO. Now the world is in a quest for a better, if not ideal, model rather than that in the United States, the answer or part of the answer is presented in the documentary where the workers are partial owners of an enterprise. It explains to me why the meltdown starting in the USA urged people to turn to Marx and re-read his Das Kapital.

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